A condom Shock

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

The children shouted loudly and excitedly, yelping and running after each other; quarreling over busted balloons.  But these were no ordinary balloons; they had ‘tits’. The site of this carnival wasn’t a birthday party, but a dumpsite in one of the low income sections of Ongata Rongai Township.

Curious I moved closer, and then the shock- Condoms! The kids, true to character, were being innovative. Someone had discarded a heap of expired condoms and the kids were having a field day; blowing and popping them like Champagne. There were a few used ones that had been thrown out with the others, but the kids blew into everything happily…

Wrong toy…

Not the kind of story one would love to tell, but it has to be told-

In March 2011 when a local TV station, K24, reported a condom shortage in Kenya that was forcing men to clean the delicate rubber for re-use, health authorities were outraged. The Kenya government responded with an emergency plea to the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief program (PEPFAR) for 45 million condoms while the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) pledged 73 million condoms- Commendable…


In June 2012, Kenyan media houses reported doctors recommending the condom as one of the best contraceptive methods available to those who want to plan their families. It is a physical barrier that does not affect the body’s internal processes; hormone based contraceptives interfere with internal body processes and are a precursor to other serious health problems, infertility being one of the more obvious ones- Something to mull over…

But as we laud the efforts of those crusading against unwanted pregnancies and babies; infertility; sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea and even cancers- cervical cancer caused by the sexually transmitted human papilloma virus (HPV) – what are we doing about the used-condom?  Do children have to play with used condoms? How are those 118 million condoms- 45 million from the President’s Fund and 73 from UNFPA- being disposed? What comes to mind when you see or even hear of children who blow into used condoms? Share your views…

Innocent fun?

  1. Jack Letangule says:

    Its very irresponsible to carelessly dispose off a used condom

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