Risky Sexual Behavior

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The Condom…

Circumstances have forced this item of clothing on us, while some of us rudely force it on others through careless disposal.

Its usage is considered one of the most effective behavior change communication (BCC) interventions for HIV/ Aids and family planning programs in the country. It is the third pillar in the popular Abstinence, sexual partner faithfulness and Condom approach (ABC). However, condom usage BCC efforts have a gap – a hygienic, environment friendly and cultural sensitive disposal method.   It is common to see children, especially in poor neighbourhoods ballooning used condoms…

Used condoms are an eye-show and- they are socially offensive.

However, parents who raise children in crowded areas have bigger concerns; they have to contend with fears of possible sexual disease transmission to children due to irresponsible condom disposal methods. Some sexually transmitted diseases like trichomoniasis are caused by protozoa that are ‘highly mobile, and can survive outside of the human body for extended periods of time’

But your child, little sister/brother, niece, nephew are not in danger…or are they?


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