Condoms: We will be using more

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

If a 2011 Population Services International Kenya (PSI-K) survey on male condom usage survey is to be believed, men are taking their sexual responsibilities more seriously. The survey shows that male condom usage in the country has increased compared to previous years. PSI has been doing the survey every year since 2001.

Among the 15- 24 year old married men, condom usage has increased by 31% within the last decade- from 27 % in 2001 to 58 % in 2011. This indicates that men are taking their fatherhood responsibilities more seriously. This is a plus for reproductive health and gender relations; family planning has been the preserve of women. Though not as impressive in growth terms, unmarried men within the same age group are also using condoms more than ever before- usage has increased by 25 % from 54 % in 2001 to 79 % in 2001.  This is the age group that shirks responsibility when their sexual experiments with equally young women produce babies. The survey recommends that in promoting healthy sexual behavior, condom interventions should continue targeting the youth, while condom social marketing programs should target all males aged 24- 49 years.

This success has been attributed to the success of social marketing- more people belief in the condom’s efficacy, ability of partners especially females to negotiate condom use, usage skills, and growth of social norms that support condom usage. The survey’s report notes that future communication strategies target building condom use and negotiation skills among youth. Condom usage will increase, and so will the incidence of carelessly disposed used condoms.

What a choice- clogged sewerage systems or our open roadside garbage dumps?


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