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Condoms & Cabbages

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Condom scales new heights- this is the name of an eatery!

  • Named ‘Cabbages and Condoms’ a new eatery has opened in Bicester, Oxfordshire
  • It even has a slogan-  ‘and remember our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy’
  • Idea- ‘People should buy condoms alongside everyday mundane items such as cabbages

What of the equally mundane task of disposing the used condom?


The number of HIV voluntary counseling and testing centers has also soared, and long-term care of people living with HIV/AIDS has moved largely from hospitals to communities and households. These trends indicate a commensurate increase in the waste generated by family planning and HIV/AIDS services and some shifts in responsibility for safe disposal of such waste. Unsafe disposal of medical wastes, including used condoms, hypodermic syringes, needles, hormonal preparations, and expired medicines, can be hazardous to human health and the environment. A formative assessment of the waste disposal practices of family planning and HIV/AIDS services in Kenya found many gaps in medical waste management policies and practices.

Condoms on the beach…

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I was swimming in the sea recently and swam past a used condom. It made me retch. Just what is the best way to dispose of a condom? C Burrows, Kent

Response: The cocktail “sex on the beach” has an awful lot to answer for, but it is unlikely to be responsible – even indirectly – for the condom you saw in the sea. It had probably been flushed down a loo and entered the sea via a sewage pipe.

For years now, the Bag It and Bin It campaign run by Keep Britain Tidy has pleaded with us not to flush condoms, and all manner of other inappropriate items, down the toilet, but this still remains a big problem. Earlier this year, Keep Britain Tidy said that our local councils spend £14m a year clearing our beaches of rubbish, much of which is from waste we flush away. Condoms, though, are not the most persistent offender: of all the flushed rubbish collected on our beaches by councils, 24% of it is made up of sanitary products. Other problem items include cigarette stubs (12%), cotton wool (10%) and facial cleansing wipes (7%).

Keep Britain Tidy says it is embarrassment that leads us to flush things such as condoms down the loo. Once we’re done with them, we just want rid. This tends to override any environmental considerations we may have. The preferred option is for us to “bag and bin” our condoms so that they end up in landfill. Not ideal, but the lesser of two evils.

They are complaining In Nakuru

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Residents complain of careless condom disposal
By Esther Kimani on 4 October, 2012 – 13:57

People being taught how to use condoms [Photo/]

Residents of Gilanis Estate in Nakuru have decried poor used-condom disposal practices in the area.

This is a heavily populated estate, mainly occupied by low income people. Residents have raised an alarm over the numerous used-condoms that are found everywhere, terming such behavior a nuisance.

“My children are exposed to a lot of risks from these condoms- they are even ballooning them.  I can’t allow my children to go out and play freely.  When walking around with my kids, I become embarrassed when the children inquire about these ‘balloons’ that people throw out-   I normally pretend that I am not interested in their conversation,” says Eunice Wambui, a Gilanis resident.

“Is it possible for the Ministry of Health Services to educate residents on how to dispose used-condoms so that children do not come into contact with them?” Asks Ms Mary Kinyua, another Gilani’s resident.

“It’s an embarrassment. Those who do this should be ashamed of themselves. They should make good use of the pit latrines that are common in this area,” says Ms Emily Wanjiku.

“I urge fellow residents to take good care of our environments.  We should even start occasional  communal cleaning exercises”.  James Wainaina, another resident suggests.

Condoms for Students!

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Bungoma South KNUT executive secretary, Mr. Kenneth Ngangah today objected to the government’s proposal to provide students with condoms as a solution to the increased incidence of HIV/AIDS among the youth.

Mr. Ngangah said giving condoms to students shows that parents’ and teachers have failed in their responsibility of bringing up morality upright youth.

“Providing condoms to students will lead to immorality and a decline in academic standards. The government should instead use that money to buy sanitary pads for needy girls and provide sex education to all students,” Mr. Ngangah said.

Demand and Supply- We use far less than the 326 million condoms PSI estimates we need to protect ourselves from unplanned pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Infections

Condoms- 2013 will be tough

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Activists are now warning that there might not be enough condoms and money for HIV in 2013 after Kenya failed to secure funding from the Global Fund. The Global Fund is the second biggest financier of HIV, TB and Malaria programmes in Kenya.

It is now emerging that condoms may be the first casualty since there will be no money to buy the commodity. Finance Minister Njeru Githae’s budget  estimates for 2012- 2013 period  did not factor in the  purchase of condoms.

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This will be history once we start manufacturing our very own!


Erratic Condom Supply no more

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The erratic supply of condoms and dependence on donor-supplied latex-based health commodities in Kenya is likely to be a thing of past if efforts by the government to facilitate the establishment of local condom manufacturing plant succeeds.

East Africa Latex Manufacturers (EALM), a local company, is currently in talks with key stakeholders such as government ministries, the National AIDS Control Council (NACC), Kenya National AIDS/STI Control Programme (NASCOP) and financial development agencies to fast-track the establishment of a condom manufacturing plant in the country before the end of the year.

Condoms & Honourables; CDs & MPs

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“The reputation of members was further tarnished when it emerged that the sewage system at Continental House had clogged due to careless disposal of used condoms. The blockage, which was reported more than once, forced the administration to post notices on the corridors and in washrooms asking occupants not to dump used condoms in toilets ”

Joe Khamisi- Former Bahari MP