Condoms, Sweets and Wrappings

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
The image your 3- year old carries around?

“Some people come around and pretend – they first buy sweets and then a while later they ask if I have any condoms as well,” he said. “This is how I came to stock condoms.” Steve Kielu, a street trader who has a spot in downtown Nairobi

“We have a variety of condoms on display for sale. As much as it is important to carry condoms around, not everyone carries condoms in their wallets or handbags, so usually you will find them at our counter,” he added. “What is worse, contracting HIV or the embarrassment of asking for a condom over the counter?”- Bartender – CBD, Nairobi

Public spirited city officials have put trash-bins all over the streets of the CBD in Nairobi…Is it too much to ask public spirited health officials and condom social marketers to do something about the used condom?


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