Condoms: ‘Maturity’ vs ‘Self-preservation’

Posted: December 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

‘Cool’ is not a term normally associated with sex, but Sylvia King’ara and Reuben Kigame can be ‘cool’ about the condom…

Sylvia King’ara

… maturity requires Christians to “come down to earth”, leave their pulpits, and do the work of God, serve fellow men and women, go to the streets and by-streets and tell everyone that Aids can be defeated, the carnage can stop, that responsible sinfulness is a better starting point in the journey to salvation.

Rueben Kigame

Self-preservation is selfishness that is inward-looking and which camouflages for virtue or even civility. It does not factor in the love of neighbour. It asks, “What will happen to me if I do or do not use a condom?” It will hardly ask, “What will happen to him/her if I use or do not use a condom?” This is consistent with the common Swahili phrase, “Chanuka” (get wise) often used in the promotion of condoms.


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