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Champs, one wishes our ‘Utumishi kwa Wote- service to all‘ were as zealous as their Guangdong counterparts


Guangdong: The local police arrested female sex workers, for littering the green belt of the town with condoms, used by their customers, thereby defacing the greenery of the place.

The police raid was particularly aimed at putting an end to this littering… The cops were acting on repeated complaints by the cleaning staff of the area, who has been exasperated with having to clean cartloads of condoms every day. In the raid 13 prostitutes were caught.

The stretch from Fashion Avenue to Jihua Road in the Chencheng district has been identified as a green zone, but the beauty of the place has been marred by the unseemly sight of condoms strewn all over.


Condoms and Pets

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Ok Champs, if the dog’s owner is concerned….


Deja and I are particularly fond of one of the larger parks in our area. We are frequent visitors; in fact we average about two times a day. We have seen an increase in the number of USED condoms at this particular park. Although both Deja and I are excited that people are practicing safer sex at area parks, we would appreciate proper disposal.

In other words, if I have to remove another used condom from my dogs mouth I think I will go ballistic.

USED Condoms?

Condoms and Waterworks

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Champs, can we adopt this method and solve the problem of irresponsibly disposed used condoms once and for all?

Consisting of 800 liquid-filled condoms hanging from strings in a public square, the illuminated art project is playfully dubbed, ‘Prophylactic Rain That Doesn’t Wet Anything’

…the (extra-large) condom installation is best described in a cheeky press release as having the “feel and form of silicone breasts, very pleasant to touch and squeeze.”

The work was constructed with the help of volunteers in the area and was left overnight in the square for everyone to […] admire. Watch the video [below] for a closer look at the “balloon” artwork and let us know your thoughts … in the comments.

How do you fill 800 condoms with water and light bulbs in one day? Simple: Enlist the nimble little fingers of kids.

Condoms and Violence

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Ok Champs, this is quite interesting… But we can re-phrase it… when there are too many used condoms around, users are less likely to use condoms

Condom companies need to invest in reducing violence.  Specifically, violence against women with children.

Why? First, according to the World Health Organization and the U.S. Center for Disease Control, when there is a threat of violence, women are less likely to negotiate condom use. Second, growing up in a violent home as a child is one of the best predictors of being a victim or perpetrator as an adult. However, if condom companies help reduce violence against women now, these women will be able to negotiate greater use of condoms today and odds are their children will be better clients in the future.

Windhoek might seem far away, but how many of us have this pastors courage to speak up?

“We are fed up.  Sometimes at night, people visiting the nightclub (name withheld) in the vicinity would have sex in front of the church or in their vehicles in front of the church and throw the condoms in front of the church. It is so disgusting and unhygienic,” Pastor Zennen Kaluwapa of the Universal Church fumed.

The Pastor outlined the dangers of leaving used condoms carelessly, saying; “A young child can easily touch the condom, thinking it is a balloon and fill it with air. They can get infected with Syphilis because the organisms that cause Syphilis can survive in the mouth and cause infection”.