Used-condoms disposal: Potential users can be emotional

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

I hate condoms! Ok, that’s extreme, I actually love condoms for they allow us heathen and scallywags to frolic in lust, catching millions of possible babies in a wet plastic bag and blocking sexual diseases made by the government. But this isn’t about the pro’s of condoms. This is about the cons, the things we think about condoms but never dare to say outloud. These reasons and more are why I seriously CANNOT WAIT to run down the wedding aisle just so I can stop using these things:

Disposal– Condoms were first used and found in the 1920s. Since then, there has been no single streamline disposal procedure. Men tend to throw them anywhere after they’re done. The kitchen garbage, the recycle bin, the A Train platform. I once had a roommate who’s boo use to throw them in the toilet, without flushing. So every morning when I went to take my morning piss, I’d find a happy surprise waiting for me.  Excuse me miss, but if we can’t throw our tampon applicators down the toilet, what on earth makes you think a condom is ok?

Will she love them better when she sees kids ballooning irresponsibly disposed used condoms?


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