We are a citizen group that are concerned that a noble campaign – the campaign to reduce sexually transmitted diseases incidence and unplanned pregnancies – is being derailed by the inability of users to disposal used condoms in hygienic and socially responsible ways.

  1. kamau mwati says:

    The city, municipal and town councils have proved their inefficiency in ensuring clean habitats (would Michuki have lived longer?) Your local village Mung’etho struggling to be urban (thanks to rural electrification) as none of the local liquor base have a barman but a maid, single and in active sexual age. Thanks to the campaign that one can access a pack in a local kiosk. Could we be moving from local a local league to international as more innocent kid are recruited to the threshold of improvised playing items. NB. no more tutions, have yours traveled upcountry or having fun in the estate?

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