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New Delhi: Now condoms, diapers, sanitary pads/napkins and tampons will come with pouches or wrappers that would ensure their proper disposal… [The move] comes in the wake of the reluctance of ragpickers to handle used sanitary pads, diapers and condoms, if not wrapped


The brand understands the stigma users face in disposing used condoms. A thorough research on condom users was conducted and the results showed a high rise in problems associated with disposing off used condoms. Moreover, complete care and hygiene in performing the most primal instinct in human nature…

Condoms and Ebola

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Ebola survivors must use condoms to prevent spread of the disease, health officials have said, after a Liberian woman was infected through unprotected sex with a survivor. It appears the virus can survive in semen for far longer than previously thought.

CDC said that research is underway to see how long the virus can remain viable in body fluids of survivors, and establish the likelihood of sexual transmission. Until more is known, they urge condom use, followed by safe disposal and disinfection, every time.

Possible Sexual Transmission of Ebola Virus — Liberia, 2015 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report May 8, 2015 / 64(17); 479-481

FILE: The other side of a condom. A 4 year old boy of Chienge District in Senior Chief Puta's area in Luapula Province playing with an inflated male condom
FILE: The other side of a condom. A 4 year old boy of Chienge District in Senior Chief Puta’s area in Luapula Province playing with an inflated male condom

“We mothers are concerned about the poor disposal of used male condoms at bars and taverns here in Chipulukusu. After drinking beer many people make love and dump used condoms anywhere and in the morning we just see children blowing them as balloons.

Research reveals that women are more sensitive to disgust- they have a heavier disease burden (in addition to that of the kids!)

The man behind the initiative, Stanley Ngara, also known as King of Condoms, said he personally gave out 36,000 packs to rugby fans, with the rest being distributed by his team members.

Thanks Stanley for the good work… But remind them of the ABCD rule; where the last ‘D’ stands for disposal. The sight of used-condoms disgusts. One carelessly disposed used condom may keep 20 potential users away. 

PHOTO: Boniface Thuku/Standard
Food and used condoms are among the most dumped items in five major towns in the country, a report has shown.

Condoms & Pop Art

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Champs, Any idea how this can be overcome?

The female condom was supposed to hand control to women. But it must be inserted 10 to 15 minutes before sex to “warm up” or it is noisy – a key weakness for sex workers. Some have left a single one in place while having sex with different clients – transforming a protective device into a potentially lethal one.

Condoms are popular in Mukuru… any possibility that unattended children in the slums might be ballooning used condoms?


“Kenyans can’t just get enough of Trust, we have had to divert some of the Salama brand to satisfy the gap in condom shortage,” says the official.
A spot check at Mama Lucy Hospital in Mukuru reveals that currently, the condom dispenser is empty, and it has been empty for weeks.
“Whenever we fill the dispenser, the condoms disappear in hours, men queue and get as much as they can,”  says a nurse at the hospital.

I hate condoms! Ok, that’s extreme, I actually love condoms for they allow us heathen and scallywags to frolic in lust, catching millions of possible babies in a wet plastic bag and blocking sexual diseases made by the government. But this isn’t about the pro’s of condoms. This is about the cons, the things we think about condoms but never dare to say outloud. These reasons and more are why I seriously CANNOT WAIT to run down the wedding aisle just so I can stop using these things:

Disposal– Condoms were first used and found in the 1920s. Since then, there has been no single streamline disposal procedure. Men tend to throw them anywhere after they’re done. The kitchen garbage, the recycle bin, the A Train platform. I once had a roommate who’s boo use to throw them in the toilet, without flushing. So every morning when I went to take my morning piss, I’d find a happy surprise waiting for me.  Excuse me miss, but if we can’t throw our tampon applicators down the toilet, what on earth makes you think a condom is ok?

Will she love them better when she sees kids ballooning irresponsibly disposed used condoms?